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Viking Scaffolding

Health & Safety


Given the nature of our business Health & Safety is a fundamental function of our daily work. At Viking Scaffolding South East Limited we give Health & Safety a higher level of importance than any other part of our business.

Our Health & Safety policy is designed to conform to the Construction 1996 Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations and incorporate TG20:13  and SG4:15 guidance notes, and BS EN 12811-1 scaffolding standards. We insist that all employees and sub-contractors are CITB qualified and our Health & Safety policy states that job specific method statements, risk assessments and toolbox talks are undertaken meet statutory requirements and ensure that risk of injury to our employees and others is minimised.

Our policy states "Erecting Scaffolding will make you a scaffolder. Trust, Reliability and Integrity will make you stand out as an expert. Practicing good Health and Safety is not a challenge to our expertise but is as fundamental core skill. Continually improving your expertise will allow the company to grow and flourish and in turn will help you become more expert.



In addition to on-site and job-specific training, we actively encourage all our employees and sub-contractors to extend and enhance their skills and expertise.

All our employee's and sub-contractors are CSCS registered and qualified to CITB NVQ level 2, with our management and a number of employee's holding either a CITB NVQ 3 Advanced Qualification or NVQ4 Supervisor Certificate. We offer a wide range of in-house and external training, not only to our erection teams, but also to our administrative personnel to ensure they are up to date with the latest legislation, operating procedures and technology.

Our policy states "The company IS it's people. A well trained, aware and motivated workforce will ensure the company moves forward and benefits from it's investment in training.


Equal Opportunities


Viking Scaffolding South East Limited is an equal opportunities employer. Every applicant is judged by the same criteria for the required role which includes will include terms and conditions of employment, rates of pay, experience, training, and any specific skill the role dictates. 

Candidates will absolutely not be judged by race, colour, nationality, ethnic/national origin, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, membership of a union or professional organisation.

At Viking Scaffolding South East Limited continually review our employment policy to ensure the latest recruitment legislation requirements are met, and contract conditions are applied.

Our policy states "The best person for the job is the right person. The right person will be able to fulfil the role and do the best job."




We recognise the construction industry has processes and procedures that may cause harm to the environmental. Therefore, we at Viking Scaffolding South East Limited take our responsibility seriously and have put into place a number of measures to not only meet legislative requirements, but to additionally satisfy what we believe is our moral responsibility. 

Where possible we work in a paperless environment, preferring to use electronic storage and communication media where possible, practicable and legally sound to do so.

Our policy states "The environment belongs to everyone, so we at Viking Scaffolding do not leave it to others, but play our own part in meeting both legal and our own moral environmental responsibilities.